High Tea

At our first meeting of the year we celebrated the beginning of our 50th year with a high tea. We had 80 people enjoy delicious morsels while they witnessed the unveiling of the new library on the stage.

Auchenflower: Jenny Woodard & Kym textor -Photographer Janis Hanley

Stash bash truly was a treasure hunt.

Our first stash bash on 25 November was a huge hit with the crafty punters. There were so many amazing treasures dug out from the backs of our crafters closets to share with us. The origin stories abounded of some of the special items as did the cleaning out of studios tales.Thanks everyone, look out for the next one!

Stash Bash

Only one week until our first ever Stash Bash.

You can buy. Take advantage of our spring clean and grab a bargain.

  • Tools and equipment including spinning wheels and weaving looms.
  • Craft supplies including yarn, wool, fabric, sewing and knitting supplies, magazines, books etc.

You can sell. Is it time to declutter? Get a spot for $10, set your own prices and handle your own sales with no commission.

Prefer to donate? Give us your items to sell to benefit QSWFA.

Get in on the action by contacting Vikki vikkic@hotmail.com to book your space.

Shop in the Emporium for all your fibre needs.

Delicious Devonshire tea to keep you going.

Sunday 25 November  9 until noon

Road trip! We even stopped to smell the roses.

Alleyne, Michelle and I had a road trip today to buy some fleece for the Emporium from Del near Stanthorpe. We’ve stocked up on some lovely coloured Corriedale and Corriedale cross fleece. We were taken by the beautiful roses in Warwick and looked like total city girls walking along the gardens in the middle of the road trying to find the most beautiful and most fragrant. Come and check out the selection soon.

Guest Speaker – Meriel Chamberlin

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Meriel Chamberlin is passionate about Australian cotton.

Join us on Saturday 6 October at 10:30am for our guest speaker presentation about the Full Circle Fibres story so far, from QLD grown cotton to fibres, yarns, and fabrics.

Meriel will be sharing her story of the 3+ year journey to bring a fully traceable and Australian Made Supply chain for cotton yarns and fabrics, and what’s coming in 2019.

Attendance is $5 per person. Meriel will have for sale yarns, fabrics, and exclusive specials of ex-development yarns, and fabrics, So, come and grab a bargain!