The Library

QSWFA offers an extensive library of both reference and borrowing materials including books, periodicals, patterns and group history. Subjects covered include spinning, weaving, crochet, knitting, lace making, design, dyeing (both chemical and natural), basket making, paper making, artist book making and felting.

We have over 2000 books in our library, which is an invaluable resource for members.

Our library catalogue is now online at www.librarything/catalog/qswfalibrary. To find the books in our library use the “Search this library” box and type in the author or title of the book. Once you know we have the book in our library, you still need to come into the hall to find it on the shelves and take it out on loan.

Items can be borrowed by members for one month. The library notice board for has information regarding borrowing procedures. There is also a photocopier available for that page you just can’t part with.

Many items in the library have been kindly donated by members and their families.  The collection is named for one major contributor, QSWFA founding member Betty Grulke. However, if you check the title page of your borrowed book you may find the name of another generous benefactor.

There are comfortable chairs to sink into to have a read as well as a table and stools to work at.