We visit Tugulawa Early Education Centre.

The Tugulawa children have been feeding silkworms and watching their life cycle. Once the moths had finished with their cocoons Michelle and Alleyne popped in to show the children how silk paper was made and got them to help spinning silk. They had a wonderful day with lots of enthralled small ones.

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  1. Hello. I’m a tiny fabric doll maker,
    ( the dolls’ tiny, not me) and I like to stuff using pure wool, not synthetic fibre. I live in Cooran on the Sunshine Coast and would luv it if someone could direct me to some bags of plain undyed wool that hasn’t been spun. It duznt hafta be cream coloured. Dark colours are fine. I’m happy to travel or discuss on phone, or have it sent by mail….
    My name is Annie du Winter and my phone number is 0407 007 406
    Just a bag or so depending on wots available. Happy to pay….. I won’t haggle…. ha ha ha.
    By the way…… where are you situated? Maybe a could visit if it’s not mega far away.
    Or if you know of any one in my area who has unspun wool and mite sell it I’d be glad for the contact.
    Thanking you in advance for any help you may extend me.?? Annie

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